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Wind Gradient, Why Height Matters - Nov. 2017

City Windmills' CEO explains how the Wind Gradient impacts on wind speed, and hence the energy derived from a wind turbines.

Why Height Matters for a Wind Turbine

Noise of Propeller wind turbines vs CW turbines - Feb. 2016

City Windmills' CEO explains how the Doppler Effect and Beats result in noise from a large propeller wind turbine, and why CW's wind turbines are silent.

Propeller wind turbines generate noise

Average Wind Speed generates Double Power - Sept. 2014

City Windmills' CEO explains how an average wind speed actually gives rise to double the power from a wind-turbine, with mathematical proof.

Average Wind Speed and Double Power explained

Rooftop Effect and Power from Wind Turbines - February 2014

City Windmills' CEO explains how the rooftop effect compresses win, resulting in higher speeds and more energy.

Rooftop Effect and Power from Wind Turbines explained

SolarSuperState - Wind Capacity 2012

The Get It Group is involved in advanced manufacturing campuses, wellness & healthcare, healthcare education, media production, apprentice training, urban retail mixed-use, and green technology markets in the UK, France, Republic of Georgia and the United States.

World Rankings in Wind Energy Production

Business Week - Supposed decline in Green Energy - Sept. 2012

Andrew Winston, co-author of the best-seller Green to Gold, writes in Business Week. The percentage of our electricity coming from the greenest sources that is, the non-hydroelectric renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass has doubled in just four years to nearly 6 percent.

The supposed decline in Green Energy

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