City Windmills hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht, weltweit führend in der Herstellung von Kleinwindenergieanlagen für Fabriken, Bürogebäude und Privathaushalte zu werden. Der Weg, um ein solches Ziel zu erreichen, ist Kunden eine Reihe von Windturbinenprodukten anzubieten, die Energie produzieren und gegebenenfalls als Werbeflächen für gewerbliche Kunden verwendet werden können.

City Windmills ist Mitglied des Social Stock Exchange in Grossbritannien und war bis zum August 2015 auf dem Main Quote des GXG Global Exchange in London unter dem Ticker-Symbol CYW kotiert. City Windmills wird sich um eine Neukotierung auf dem Euronext exchange in Paris bewerben. Des Weiteren ist City Windmills auch Mitglied der World Wind Energy Association.

City Windmills hat seinen Hauptsitz in Grossbritannien und operative Tochtergesellschaften in der Schweiz und in den USA. CW hat in 2011 in den USA, einem schnell wachsenden Markt für Windturbinen Energie eine Tochtergesellschaft errichtet. CW wurde gegründet, um windbetriebene Strassenbeleuchtungssyteme zu entwickeln und um den Europäischen Markt zu erschliessen. Die Massenproduktion der Windkraftanlagen wird voraussichtlich in 2018, in Grossbritannien starten.

Der Vorstand

CEO & CFO – David Mapley’s primary responsibility is the execution of the operating and financial strategy worldwide for the group. After graduating with an MBA (Chicago), MSc & BSc(Econ) (London School of Economics) David has worked in the financial markets worldwide, In London, Tokyo, Hong Kong/Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and New York. In recent years he was engaged in angel investing in award winning start-up technology companies on the East Coast USA. David is an active technology investor.

Director Andrew Kershaw has 24 years experience in Japans financial markets including country head and chief representative roles with institutions including Midland, ANZ Investment Bank, ING Baring, Commonwealth Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. Andrew is an Emerging Markets debt specialist, and oversaw Russia from ING Barings in Hong Kong/Tokyo. In addition to being based in Tokyo Andrew has undertaken senior cross border marketing roles in Asia based out of Singapore/Hong Kong and Australia as well as Japan. His principal product expertise has been in debt capital markets and structured finance although he has been active in the marketing of equity and fund products in Japan and Asia.

Company Secretary - Tony Hoskinson has more than 50 years experience commencing in Management with advertising agency Lintas. In 1970 he founded and developed an early facilities management group and following its sale in the late 80s he rescued an ailing listed oil & gas company which he re-branded United Energy, where he was a director and company secretary for more than 10 years during which time it became a fully listed company. Following its sale in 2000 he continues to specialise in mining and commodity projects and currently has interests in Cameroun and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Das Management-Team

US Product Engineering Paul Passarelli's responsibility is the development of CW's products for the US market, seen as a key market for City Windmills. A multidisciplinary Engineer with nearly 40 years experience, Paul has consulted on projects in aerospace, geothermal, electrification, medical, shipboard, chemical, satellite, lasers, hvac, communications, manufacturing, design, and, software. Paul's designs have won patents, grant funding, as well as proven profits. Mr Passarelli, sat or sits on several boards of directors: ZZ Data, Mensa, VMRCA, LPCT, Hartford Armory, and S&T. A practicing environmentalist, Paul is currently developing a project to clean the great ocean garbage patches, these unseen blights contain millions of tons of floating plastic waste. Paul is based in Connecticut.

Asian Business Development - Yvonne Hu is founder of Anchor Commercial Real Estate Development in USA, and has over 15 years experience in developing large real estate projects. Yvonne Hu is also founder and president of Anchor International Investment, a company working with China state-owned infrastructure corporations for worldwide projects, especially in energy, rail road and affordable government housing developments. She is also familiar with world finance structure syndicates with PPA sovereign guarantees or PPP, OBT, BT etc. Yvonne is a strong advocate of green energy, and advises New Jersey Institution Technology University. She is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

Middle East Business Development Paul Aikens responsibility is the development of CW's business in the Middle East, where oil-based economies are heavily investing in a future based on renewable energy. Paul is based in Dubai, working with local manufacturing partners and marketing into the local region. As a former Real estate broker and entrepreneur for over 20 years, his vast experience within the real estate and development industry has open the doors to many areas of expansion for City Windmills to expand into the ever demanding need for renewable energy for residential and rural areas of Dubai and the wider Middle East.

African Business Development - Maxine Gordon's responsibility is to development CW's businss in Africa, where infrastructure paucity creates demand for for CW's small wind turbines and wind lighting products. Maxine Gordon has lived and worked in more than 25 African countries focusing on the fields of Marketing, Business Development and Government Relations. More recently, Ms. Gordon has consulted for both American and European corporations to develop their businesses on the African continent; working at Presidential, Ministerial and C- Executive in the fields of security, mining and infrastructure development. Ms. Gordon speaks French and has a B.A. in International Marketing from New York University

Baltic Business Development Ivars Ozolinss responsibility is to development CW's business in the Baltic Region, where growing demand for electricity and a good wind footprint creates demand for for CW's small wind turbines and wind lighting products. Ivars has a naval education, and was part of the team to build the Latvian Coastguard after the Soviet collapse. he is an entrepreneur, particularly involved in Baltic environmental projects.

Social Media Marketing & China Team - Tim Mapley's responsibility is for CW's Social Media Marketing, through his firm Blackridge Marketing, as well as overseeing the China Team from his current base in Ningbo in China. The Chinese team is researching the local market for CW Wind Lighting, as well as sourcing local components possible for incorporation into the production of CW small wind turbines.

Der Beirat

Jonathan Morley-Kirk has many years of experience in all areas of corporate governance, management, complex financial and legal issues, and has served as a non-executive director of a number of public and private companies and investment funds. Mr. Morley-Kirk currently serves as CFO/Finance Director of Longreach Oil & Gas Ltd., having previously served as Chairman/CFO of Fox-davies Capital, a regulated corporate finance boutique and stockbroker, in the UK. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments.

Tessa Jucaite - Ms. Jucaite has over 12 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering in the states of Connecticut and New York She has been a project manager and a design engineer for many civil and environmental engineering projects, as well as providing construction management and inspections associated with Electrical, Mechanical and Civil aspects. Tessa has an M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Haven, CT; and a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Civil Engineering with concentration in Water Management.

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