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Wind Gradient - Why Higher is Better.. - Nov. 2017

City Windmills' CEO explains how height is important for wind turbine energy production, due to the wind gradient and accelerated wind at higher altitudes. The increased wind speeds at coastal areas also provide for greater wind energy potential.

Wind Gradient

Noise of Propeller wind turbines vs CW turbines - Feb. 2016

City Windmills' CEO explains how the Doppler Effect and Beats result in noise from a large propeller wind turbine, and why CW's wind turbines are silent.

Propeller wind turbines generate noise

Average Wind Speed generates Double Power - Sept. 2014

City Windmills' CEO explains how an average wind speed actually gives rise to double the power from a wind-turbine, with mathematical proof.

Average Wind Speed and Double Power explained

Rooftop Effect and Power from Wind Turbines - February 2014

City Windmills' CEO explains how the rooftop effect compresses win, resulting in higher speeds and more energy.

Rooftop Effect and Power from Wind Turbines explained

SolarSuperState - Wind Capacity 2012

The Get It Group is involved in advanced manufacturing campuses, wellness & healthcare, healthcare education, media production, apprentice training, urban retail mixed-use, and green technology markets in the UK, France, Republic of Georgia and the United States.

World Rankings in Wind Energy Production

Business Week - Supposed decline in Green Energy - Sept. 2012

Andrew Winston, co-author of the best-seller Green to Gold, writes in Business Week. The percentage of our electricity coming from the greenest sources that is, the non-hydroelectric renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass has doubled in just four years to nearly 6 percent.

The supposed decline in Green Energy

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