Partner Links

Sales Partner Links

Orange Power & Light

Orange Power & Light is a New York-based sales force experienced in renewable energy, construction and client services.


A South African consulting firm offering professional, sustainable solutions to reduce carbon emissions to corporate and individual customers.

Design & Engineering Partner Links

Dart Manufacturing

Established in 2004, Dart Mfg. provides services to a wide variety of clients assisting in their design, prototyping, manufacturing and production needs.

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Production & Product Partner Links

Neulum Energy

Neuleum is our Swiss-based LED manufacturing partner for CW Wind Lighting.


UNICOR / Federal Prison Industries, is our Teaming Relationship in the USA for production.

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University Academic Links

Baylor University - School of Engineering

The School of Engineering and Computer Science of Baylor University offers a nationally ranked undergraduate program with rigorous courses of study in mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, engineering, bioinformatics, and computer science.


University of Connecticut - Center for Clean Energy Engineering ("C2E2") is our research partner in the USA.

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Social Media Links

Blackridge Marketing

Blackridge Marketing undertakes the social media marketing for the company worldwide.

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Financial Partner Links

Beaufort Asset Clearing Services

Beaufort is our Corporate Broker, facilitating trading liquidity, capital raising and exposure to UK retail and institutional investors.

JM Investment Advisors SA

A Swiss investment advisory and investor relations firm.

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