Our Small Wind Turbines

Video of the CW turbine spinning in the wind...

The City Windmill CW500

The CW500 is our small wind-turbine product, targetting domestic roof-top use.

City Windmills plans to launch the CW500, for domestic roof-top use, in early 2023. The CW500 will initially be sold in the UK, through a web-sales platform and through direct channels. City Windmills also intends to target solar panel installers as a sales channel, given the complementary installation process.

The City Windmill CW1000

The CW1000 is our medium-sized wind-turbine product, targetting commercial building roof-top use, eg office blocks, schools, hospitals etc..

The City Windmill CW2000

The CW2000 is our "larger" small wind-turbine product, targetting larger commercial/industrial building roof-tops as well as ground-based use. City Windmills plans to launch the City Windmill 2000, for commercial/industrial roof-top use, in 2023. The CW2000 can also portray corporate logos, flags and advertising messages for its owners.

WindLighting TM

The WindLighting™ is our remote/street lighting wind-powered product City Windmills plans to launch in 2023, for remote and street lighting. In partnership with a Swiss-HK based company, Neulum SA, and Baylor University - School of Engineering in Texas, an array of LED lighting will be powered by a small wind turbine and can be used in developing countries as well as mountain/alpine regions and national parks, or as an energy efficient substitute for conventional outdoor lighting.

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