Promotion to Main Board, GXG Global Exchange

CW is pleased to announce its uplisting to the Main Board of the GXG Global Exchange in London, where it is currently listed as an OTC member company. A benefit of a Main Board listing is that stockbrokers, where their regulatory permissions allow, can advise and recommend stocks on the GXG Main Quote to their clients.

CW has appointed London Capital NZ as its GXG Advisor, and will also simultaneously apply to the Berlin Stock Exchange for entry as a dual listing, thus providing easy access to European investors and stockbrokers. There are no changes to ISIN or Crest /Euroclear registration for this process.

CW USA is also pleased to announce the addition of Anne Faber to the US team - Anne has a life-long experience in the US Utilities industry as Chief Credit Officer with CapMAC, Senior Vice President & Head of Public Utility Rating Group at Fitch IBCA Ratings, Market development with ABB, VP Standard & Poors, and various senior roles in investment banks prior.


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