Director appointment, US business update

City Windmills is pleased to announce the appointment of Ezra Green as Director of City Windmills Holdings PLC, with immediate effect. Ezra currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of City Windmills, Inc. in the USA. Ezra Green has been involved with renewable energy companies for thirteen years and founded Clear Skies Group, Inc. (Clear Skies Solar, Inc.’s operating subsidiary) in 2003 and has built multiple energy plants on both the east and west coasts of the United States.

Zaheed Ullan has also joined City Windmills, Inc. as US CFO with responsibility for administrative and financial services in North America. Mr. Ullan has vast international financial experience, working for major global corporations, banks and hedge funds, and furthermore has accounting qualifications.

Maxine Gordon of Global Solutions is also now working with City Windmills in the USA covering business development in Africa, and recently represented the company at the US-Africa Summit in Washington DC.

During June-August City Windmills managed a research project in Ningbo, China, for its Wind-Lighting product, analysing market entry strategies with a team from Baylor University. As a result, CW will be designing the Wind-Lighting system using Baylor University in Texas, ahead of product launch.


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