CW 2014 half-year accounts

CW Holdings PLC releases it's consolidated balance sheet for First Half 2014.

US sales update

City Windmills is pleased to announce the development of sales in the USA, through its sales relationship with Orange Light & Power.

City Windmills is now engaged in a number of projects described below utilizing its environmentally friendly commercial wind technology :
- North Carolina project requiring up to 1 megawatt of wind-generated energy at a number of wind-farms throughout the north-west part of the state. These projects are a combination of solar & wind utilizing the terrain for utmost efficiency. The City wind turbines will be used to capture perimeter wind energy at 10 meters for utility consumption. In combination, our CW street lighting will utilized for security bordering the entire projects totaling over 40 hectares. - installation of a concept wind-turbine for large insdustrial food processsing company in Pennsylvania to provide enough energy to offset their 5 megawatt consumption base. We expect the pilot programme to be accepted generating additional contracts through their US operations and international operations. - City Wind also expects to enter into an LOI with Steel Piers in Atlantic City for installing wind-turbines on the Boardwalk pier. This Atlantic shoreline community has some of the highest electrical consumption rates with limited land use making CW technology a natural fit over solar.


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