TradesOwn Crowd Funding, Canadian Secondary listing, General Meeting

City Windmills Holdings PLC (“CW”) is issuing notice of a General Meeting of shareholders, to be held December 11th in London. Shareholders will be voting on the following resolutions :

  • To approve a placement of shares through Beaufort Securities' crowd-funding platform partner, Traders Own PLC ( This exercise not only raises capital for CW, but helps increase the company's profile in the UK ahead of production in 2015. A broader shareholder base should also improve market liquidity for the company's shares. Traders Own offer an execution on-line Share dealing service and is authorised and regulated by the 'Financial Conduct Authority'.
  • To approve an issuance of GBP 2-3 million of debentures, 5-year maturity, at an interest rate of 7-8.5%, as determined at the time of issuance, through the GXG Markets platform. This exercise takes advantage of the liquid market for debt issuance on the GXG, with favourable cost of funds in the current low-interest economic climate.
  • To approve the establishing of a secondary listing on a Canadian Securities Exchange, thus giving North American investors access to City Windmills Holdings PLC stock through local trading platforms and brokers.

Additionally, City Windmills is also pleased to announce the successful testing of its prototype wind turbine, in the USA, and is now testing different power generators to match each of its three production sizes.


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