2012 News

26.11.2012 - US developments and Listing in London

US developments and Listing in London.. >>

23.10.2012 - US developments, Listing Prospectus progress and Fund-raising

CW, Inc. updates with KMB Design, UNICOR, and developing commercial projects in USA ...>>

12.10.2012 - Notice of an GM for a Reverse Stock Split

Reverse split of stock announced in complying with Frankfurt Stock Exchange requirements ...>>

20.9.2012 - Uplisting process commences for Frankfurt Stock Exchange

CW has signed an agreement with Silvia Quandt & Cie. as listing partner in order to commence the uplisting process to Entry Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and XETRA ...>>

8.9.2012 - Product development, appointment of independent director & CEO

CW is pleased to announce the appoinment of Didier Pretot as Independent Director, and David Mapley as Chief Executive ...>>

16.8.2012 - Signing of Prototype Design & Build Contract

CW is pleased to announce the signing of a Prototype Design & Build contract with KMB Design Group of New Jersey, USA ...>>

20.7.2012 - Appointment of Chief Administration Officer

CW has appointed a Chief Administration Officer, Duncan Keil, to join the company with immediate effect and oversee the Frankfurt Stock Exchange uplisting and to re-structure the group for profit maximisation globally ...>>

19.7.2012 - Establishment of Rep. Offices in UAE & South Africa

CW has agreed to establish a representative offce in UAE-Dubai and in South Africa, to early-stage market CW's Windvertiser to local government and commercial interests ...>>

5.7.2012 - Appointment of Chief Operating Officer

CW has appointed David Mapley, formerly on the Advisory Board, as the new Chief Operating Officer. Yves Gut has been appointed Chief Financial Officer, replacing Sean Kelly who has been suspended from the Board of Directors ... >>

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